About Us

Problem Solvers

walter-metalsWe are the Problem Solvers. This is our Motto, and it has held true for the over 40 years of our existence as a company.

Our Sales Force and Management Team are technically skilled in virtually all areas of the metals business. If you have a problem; whether it is hot wear, adhesive wear, or toughness, we will be able to provide a solution.

In 2007, our level of expertise grew to new levels as Walter Metals was purchased by the Ellwood Group. This new partnership brought with it over 100 additional years of steelmaking and forging expertise. Being owned by a financially sound US Producer of Specialty Steel has provided Walter Metals the best of many continents. We have the flexibility to make and market several of our own unique grades in the US; while maintaining the ability to source some of these products with qualified sources throughout the world. Our commitment to quality is confirmed by our Certification to ISO International Standards.

To further augment our ability to provide unmatched customer service to our customers, Walter Metals recently moved into a 40,000 square foot facility. This addition has allowed us the room to expand our product offering into many new grades and sizes. So whether it is wear, heat resistance, toughness, or all three, Walter Metals has the answer-in-stock, and only a few days away. Walter Metals provides many value-added services; including but not limited to: grinding, boring, heat-treating, and machine-to-print services. Our attention to detail and commitment to our quality system ensure that we get it right the first time. Let us be the Problem Solvers for you!

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